The Barn GYm

Etchingham, East Sussex

Our recently refurbished facility is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty between Burwash and Etchingham, East Sussex. The 750 sq ft studio and brand new outdoor fitness rig is set in 80 acres of picturesque, rolling countryside, giving us ample room and opportunity to train in a variety of methods both indoors and outdoors in the natural terrain. 

‘ is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or injury..’


There’s a direct correlation between high levels of fitness and a reduced risk of poor mental and physical health. Everyday activity becomes easier when you are fit, making life much less strenuous. Body confidence is one of the keys to happiness, achieving goals in fitness and aesthetics will give you great satisfaction.

Our approach includes the 6 Dimensions of Health, providing a greater understanding of a clients’ overall needs and requirements. PHYSICAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL health impact each other in a myriad of ways, and by coaching through a holistic lens, we believe we can get the best results. 


Maintaining in sound physical condition through a healthy balanced diet, a regular and informed exercise program, proper sleep and avoidance of harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse.


Engaging in lively interaction with the world around you. Enjoying learning new things, flexing the mind and free of mental illness.


Having a meaningful purpose, following moral and ethical values and a sense of unity with social groups and peers.


Feeling in touch with your emotional presence and being aware and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings. Expresses emotions constructively and asks for help and comfort.


Relating, interacting and communicating well with others. Comfortable to contribute and engage in a healthy living environment, has supportive relationships and expresses needs to others.


Being surrounded with a healthy working and living environment, free of hazards and conscious of natural conservation. Gains personal fulfilment from surroundings.

At Barn Gym, we pride ourselves on our ability to train and educate across a variety of levels and sporting disciplines. Whether your goal is function orientated, for vanity or for health reasons, we hope we are able to offer you something useful.

3 free classes

Kick off your fitness transformation..

SMALL GRoup Classes 

Lead coach Guy Kennedy pre-programs all the fitness and exercise classes to be fully scalable and they are therefore suitable for all levels. Ebony from Tipi Yoga programs all the Yoga and Meditation classes.

1:1 Personal training

Whether it’s for injury rehabilitation or to promote adequate form, together with Guy you will design and construct a tailored plan specific to your individual needs and goals.