Guy Kennedy

Running my own gym has always been an ambition of mine due to my enthusiasm and passion for fitness and I therefore truly love my job. I want to share my knowledge with others not only helping them reach their goals, but educating them about their health.

The client always comes first and whichever client I am coaching at any given time receives 100% of my focus and attention. My coaching and training will be directed and tailored for any individual looking to improve their health. Every client I coach has goals and I strive to help them achieve those goals.

Whether you are training 1:1 or in a group class, the aim is for everyone to feel comfortable, be willing to push themselves, and ultimately enjoy their experience. My group classes are scalable programs and therefore can be easily adapted to suit any fitness level. I like to take a holistic view of health as a whole and try to help my clients understand what health is rather than just command them to do squats.

My fitness and training history is versatile, and I have gained experience competing at a high level of sport. I have played rugby since the age of 7 for school, club, county and academy, and competed in CrossFit, Powerlifting, Muay Thai and Strongman competitions.

I am also qualified in and have certificates for:

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 3 Personal Training

Level 3 Nutrition

Level 4 Strength and Conditioning

Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting

Level 1 Suspension Training

Level 2 Kettlebell Training

My combination of experience and qualifications allows me to train a variety of athletes at different levels and in different disciplines, however I am never satisfied and always strive to learn and be a better coach.

Ebony Colley

In yoga, there are many styles to choose from which have different foci – Yin for flexibility, Hatha (pronounced Hat Ha) for an all-round practice, Restorative to soothe, Vinyasa Flow to sweat, Nidra for the mind, Aerial for the adventurous, Core to work hard, the list goes on and Tipi Yoga offers them all.

As you develop your practice you will evolve from style to style, growing and learning about yourself, your body and your mind. You don’t need to be flexible, sporty or a yogi to try out my classes!

I am Yoga Alliance YACEP adult yoga certified in 543 hours, CMA accredited Tree of Life qualified in Children Do Yoga, and Thai masseuse trained through Jungle Healing accredited with The International Society of Thai Yoga Massage. I love creating and teaching new yoga ‘flows’ and am a real anatomy nerd.