The first time I met Guy, he was finishing up a metcon workout at the gym. He was all sweaty, and with his signature giant grin, told me he had been testing out his program before he put us students through our paces that evening. I think that ethos really speaks volumes about the dedication and quality Guy brings to the table every single day, both as a trainer and a person. He absolutely walks the walk and is a total stickler for detail. You will learn proper form with him, no matter what! This is what initially drew me to work with him. The unexpected bonuses are that I always have so much fun working with him that the time flies by! I barely notice. Plus, he always has a killer selection of music ready to go. He is really understanding as to my idiosyncrasies and roadblocks.

Guy goes deep on both the mental and the physical aspects of training. I could not imagine a better all-round coach. He pushes me to smash my expectations of myself and achieve my goals. I’m beyond happy to train with him and would recommend his services to absolutely anyone at any stage of fitness looking to reach the next level. You will not believe the inner and outer results!

Social Worker

I take a ‘looked after’ child with special educational needs, to Guy two times a week for PT. Guy developed a special programme for the child to encourage building up strength, skills, agility and stamina. He has a special rapport with the child and has been able to adapt everything in his gym for the child.

The child really looks forward to the sessions every time and it has been hugely beneficial, as acknowledged by the health and social care professionals involved. Increase in stamina and strength, understanding more about nutrition, broadening skills base, and building up self-confidence and positive self-belief.


I started working with Guy following a sports injury early in 2019. It was hugely beneficial to be able to have tailored 1:1 support and encouragement and it helped me to slowly regain my strength and ability. I continue working with Guy several times a week and he works together with my physiotherapist to ensure I follow my programme.

We always have a lot of fun and laughter in our sessions. Whenever possible we work out in the beautiful surroundings or in the nearby woods. I have always looked forward to our sessions and Guy is able to accommodate my sensory needs. Guy is always positive, encouraging, inspiring me to keep going and working me hard!

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