Personal Training

Personal training is the most effective method for you to achieve your health-related goals. Each personal training session will be personalised specifically for your needs, whether for injury rehabilitation, weight loss, muscle gain, performance or just general health, personal training is your best choice.
At Barn Gym we place real importance on enjoyment. Working out shouldn’t be boring so Guy will find exercises and activities that consistently deliver variety. These can include Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Muay Thai, Functional fitness and so much more.
Guy Kennedy “When training a PT client, I don’t only tell them what to do but I explain the reason for every activity. This way I can ensure the client is safe, learning and seeing results. I also like to educate my clients on other aspects of health such as nutrition, sleep, self-reflection, meditation, and other self-developmental activities. I always enjoy seeing clients achieve their goals, but I also enjoy getting to know them on a personal level.”