Small group classes

Each membership level includes both Exercise & Fitness and Yoga classes. Each class includes a maximum of 6 clients, ensuring full Covid-19 compliance and ample 1:1 time with your coach. All payments and bookings for the group classes can be done via the StudioBookings App (Available on IOS, Android), where clients can purchase memberships and will receive credits with which they can book onto classes. To enquire, or for more information please get in touch via our contact form or view the page footer.

Lead coach Guy Kennedy pre-programs all the fitness and exercise classes to be fully scalable and they are therefore suitable for all levels. Having competed in strongman, powerlifting, cross-fit competitions and academy level rugby, the classes are geared to cover as many aspects of fitness as possible, including cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and power. Our facility is fully equipped with a multitude of equipment and the classes are constantly varied to give clients diverse workouts. Please see the class timetable below.