28 Day challenge


– You’re a TEAM PLAYER who is happy to train in a FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT  – 

– You want to transform your PHYSIQUE AND MINDSET – 

– You’re FRUSTRATED WITH YOUR LACK OF PROGRESS from training by yourself – 

You’re want to train in an OPEN-MINDED, judgement free space

You want to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE without being restricted and sacrificing your social life –

You’re willing to GROW AND IMPROVE every dimension of your health and wellbeing –

You can TRAIN AT OUR PRIVATE GYM in Etchingham 2-3 times per week – 


1. GUARANTEED RESULTS – We’re certain that you will get results by following our program. If not, we will refund you the entire amount.

2. 15 COACHING SESSIONS – At our private gym in Etchingham, our expert coaches will guide you through 3 sessions a week to ensure correct form and injury prevention.

3. WEIGH-IN AND FITNESS TESTING – At the start and end of your 28 day challenge. Understanding your current fitness level and aspirations will allow us to provide the best fitness regime for you. Expect to lose up to 3KG in this period.

4. GUIDANCE WORKBOOKS – From Time Management, Health and Mindset, we will provide you with an abundance of information to supplement your fitness regime.

5.  NUTRITION PLAN – Flexible guidance to help you make sensible decisions without having to be restrictive or on a ‘diet’.

6. PROGRESS TRACKING DOCUMENT – So you can journal your progress and understand where you need to improve.

7. WEEKLY CHECK-IN – With one of our lead coaches to ensure you are satisfied and on track to reach your goals.

8.  COVID SECURE FACILITY – Sanitation terminals and diligent cleaning protocols to ensure your safety at Barn Gym.



This works out at £24.25 per week, cheaper than 1 PT session at Barn Gym.